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Ulasan Profesional

vpnMentor ini berisi ulasan yang ditulis oleh komunitas pengulas kami, dan didasarkan pada pengamatan para pengulas independen dan profesional atas suatu produk/layanan.


vpnMentor dimiliki oleh Kape Technologies PLC yang menjadi pemilik dari beberapa produk berikut: ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, ZenMate, Private Internet Access, dan Intego, yang sudah kami ulas pada situs web ini.

Komisi Afiliasi Iklan

vpnMentor berisikan ulasan yang ditulus oleh para ahli kami dan mengikuti standar ulasan yang ketat, termasuk standar etika, yang telah kami terapkan. Standar-standar tersebut mewajibkan setiap ulasan akan dilaksanakan berdasarkan pengamatan yang independen, jujur, dan profesional dari si pengulas. Namun, kami bisa mendapatkan komisi ketika seorang pengguna menyelesaikan sebuah tindakan menggunakan tautan-tautan kami, yang tidak akan memengaruhi ulasannya namun dapat memengaruhi peringkatnya. Peringkat ditentukan berdasarkan kepuasan pelanggan dari penjualan-penjualan terdahulu dan kompensasi yang diterima.

Pedoman Ulasan

Ulasan yang dipublikasikan di vpnMentor ditulis oleh para ahli yang memeriksa produk sesuai dengan standar peninjauan secara ketat. Standar tersebut memastikan bahwa setiap tinjauan didasarkan pada pemeriksaan pengulas yang independen, profesional dan jujur, serta mempertimbangkan kemampuan teknis dan kualitas produk serta nilai komersialnya bagi pengguna. Peringkat yang diterbitkan dapat memengaruhi komisi afiliasi yang diperoleh dari pembelian melalui tautan di situs web kami.

CryptoStorm review 2023 - Perlu Ingat Ini Sebelum Beli

Nilai untuk Android: 8.0/10
Kristina Perunicic
Kristina Perunicic Redaktur Pelaksana

Ulasan untuk layanan VPN ini belum tersedia. Bila Anda bersedia membagikan pengalaman Anda sendiri memakai penyedia VPN ini, silakan tambahkan ulasan Anda sebagai penggunanya. Tidak lama lagi, kami akan memberikan ulasan mendetail dari ahli kami seperti yang kami lakukan untuk VPN peringkat top seperti ExpressVPN dan CyberGhost. Anda juga bisa melihat VPN peringkat top kami di 2023.

Fitur CryptoStorm — Diperbaharui di tahun Januari 2023

💸 Harga 3.92 USD/bulan
📆 Jaminan Uang Kembali 3 Hari
📝 Apakah VPN menyimpan catatan Tidak Ada
🖥 Jumlah peladen 60+
💻 Jumlah perangkat per lisensi 6
🛡 Tombol pemutus Ya
📥 Mendukung torrent Ya
Bandingkan CryptoStorm dengan sejumlah VPN unggulan alternatif
Jaminan Uang Kembali (Hari): 3
Aplikasi Ponsel:
Jumlah perangkat per lisensi: 6
CryptoStorm Ulasan pengguna (Ulasan pengguna tidak diverifikasi)
Tulis Ulasan tentang CryptoStorm

Harap nilai VPN

Jan 7, 2023
VPN Reviews

Anyone who searches for reviews on VPNs should quickly notice/realize some bias clearly exists w/most of them. As if a monetary incentive is influencing the reviews, maybe it's just me. I've been using Cryptostorm for the last 6 months and it has exceeded all my expectations. I will be renewing their service in the near term for an additional 12 months. I currently have 3 separate VPN providers since I prefer to mix them up and this company has given me the least issues. I've used Cryptostorm, proton, IP vanish, surfshark, and torgaurd just to name a few. As someone stated, it's a VPN built by nerds so if you possess a small amount of the nerd trait, you should have minimal issues following the numerous documented instructions on the various ways to set up and take advantage of their stellar and superior VPN services. I am not being reimbursed or offered any compensation for this review since over the last 7 years using various other VPNs they have performed best in my experience.

Horrible Support and Doesn't Work

Won't be wasting $52 when the year ends. After using cryptofree for 2 years, it stopped working - their support claimed the DC decommissioned the server. So I purchased their paid service - it didn't work behind the Secure Folder on my Android which was where I was intending to use it (and had been using their cryptofree server with absolutely zero trouble). Contacted support again and this was their response word for word: "DNS issue? Rather a topic for an android forum." Insolence. Rude, rude, rude, rude, and very typical of Icelandic customer service. Funny how I can use the free ProtonVPN and their FREE cryptofree version with any "DNS issues". I wasted USD$52 on their ridiculous service. First and last time they'll be getting any $$ from me.

Too much hassle for no advantages

Dear cryptostorm, I bought your service and regretted doing it very very much, what I found particularly annoying is first of all your app, or "widget" as you call it. It is pathetic not because it has windows 98 graphics, which is perfectly fine and preferable to bloaty and fancy new designs, but because it doesn't work well, it freezes, it doesn't display clearly if you're connected or not, or if the connection drops, you can't change server without first disconnecting, overall it doesn't make the user feel sure and well aware about what is going on and whether the connection is on or off which I found that by changing server you are unprotected. Your kill switch doesn't look safe as there is no way to tell if it actually works. Anytime your app starts it asks for permission (UAC prompt) and options seem to not stay selected and the app keeps asking about the killswitch settings. Many websites are not reachable while using your vpn but they are reachable even with tor, so it is really a problem for your vpn. It is too much hassle to set up your app and also the alternative apps available (wireguard), and after having done it there are absolutely no advantages in using your vpn. I just wish you to improve first of all your app and your service which isn't cheaper than others. I just lost my money buying your service.

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