2017’s Best VPNs for Cuba – Find the Fastest and Cheapest VPNs

In mid-October, the United States lifted its embargo on Cuba, an embargo which lasted almost 58 years. The imposed sanctions made it one of the poorest countries in the world, but also one of the countries with the slowest and most limited internet access in the world . Access to the internet was controlled by the state which had a firm grip on what its citizens could and could not search for on the world-wide web. This was further impeded by the United States who encouraged companies and internet providers to enact reverse filtering on Cuba as part of the embargo, making it even harder for the citizens to gain access to some websites. So for those traveling to Cuba, a VPN is a necessity since a site you frequently use might be blocked in Cuba. It’s also a good idea to encrypt your data, so authorities don’t read your emails.

In 2012, before the sanctions were partially lifted, only about 5% of Cubans were able to get access to the web in their private homes, while the number of people with access to the internet in some form or another was 25%. Add to that the fact that Etecsa is the country’s only internet provider and is a state-owned company, you will get a sense why Cuba can so easily control the content of what people see and read. And, while sites like Facebook and Twitter are available to Cubans, sites of the opposition still remain blocked. Cuba closely monitors the access of human rights activists to the internet and other forms of communication. Getting hold of Cuban human rights activists remains a complicated task, especially when the government still keeps arresting people based on their political views.

Cubans have still managed to find a number of ways to circumvent the country’s restrictions, mostly by using USBs and VPNs, as well as other methods which the rest of the world never had to rely upon in order to freely use the internet. Those who were brave enough to oppose the government have decided to build their own version of the internet, called ‘street net’. This system was built using Ethernet cables and powerful Wi-Fi antennas which spanned over entire cities. Most people used this type of internet, intranet, to talk to each other and play video games online.

This is where VPN, or virtual private networks, come into play. They are the cheapest and most flexible solution not just for Cubans, but other countries as well, to gain unrestricted access to the internet. Most of them are either cheap, but some charge more for their service, and in turn offer special features which would otherwise be unavailable if you only used free VPN providers. However, as of now, there is still no way to fully know if the service of VPN is filtered, but like in the case of China, there are ways to overcome this type of filtering.

The VPN providers listed here are all available to be used by Cubans to gain complete access to the internet because they are based internationally instead of in Cuba, making the internet finally unrestricted and private.

Here is a list of the top VPN providers for Cuba:

ExpressVPN is the top-rated VPN for Cuba and most of the world. Its servers are based in Miami, with others situated in Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica and Venezuela, making it the best choice if you are a mainstream VPN user and seek the perfect service. ExpressVPN offers fast performance for both OSX and Windows users as well as keeping usage logs. Customers also have access to iOS and Android apps that will protect the internet connection while on the go. In addition to secure access, they also offer a 30-day-money-back guarantee, so there is definitely a good reason why to try it out.

With a remarkable rating close to being perfect, NordVPN has established itself as one of the leading VPN providers, especially in regard to what the company offers and at what price. They offer a service that has possibly the tightest security in the business, and a 2048-bit SSL encryption will surely make public use of Wi-Fi increasingly more safe and secure. Their customer support used to be the company’s biggest weakness, but now customers can find guidance in English clicking the ‘Help’ button, and there is live chat available around the clock. Customers also have access to an extensive FAQ section and other articles that answer many critical questions. Video streaming and browsing become an interstellar race with the high-speed performance NordVPN delivers. If you want to access sites like Netflix USA or similar services, this VPN provider will make it a breeze.

While they do not have a server in Cuba, their services are easily available there. Their servers, though, are situated in some of the ‘Five Eyes’ countries, most notably the United States. However, Nord VPN does not own these servers but rather rents them from a third party, which makes it increasingly more secure to use their services.

Final Thoughts
There are now many ways for Cubans to enjoy the internet, with the lift of the sanctions making it more available to the world and vice-versa. However, in order to fully enjoy and appreciate what the internet offers, some have to rely on VPNs to get what they are looking for. And while some companies charge reasonable prices, Cubans still choose to go with free solutions. This is not because Cubans are cheap or want things for free, but because they can’t pay for services online. So, the problem is not in payment, but in the method of payment. In addition to this, even if Cubans possess international credit cards, the US government will often restrict or block them, making things even more complicated.

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